The Incisor.TV 2018 USA IoT Roundtable dates announced

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The Incisor.TV Roundtable programme, with events in the USA and Europe, brings together leading organisations to discuss and debate topical, controversial and fundamental aspects affecting the development and roll-out of the Internet of Things.

We film the discussion that takes place, and publish the edited film from the event via Incisor.TV’s networks.

Our latest Roundtable took place on the 6th January alongside the 2017 Consumer Electronics Shoe (CES) in Las Vegas – and saw the participants discuss the most pressing topics affecting ongoing implementation of the Internet of Things and will show real, working IoT solutions.

But just why should your company participate in the Incisor.TV Roundtable programme, and especially in this event in Las Vegas? We think there are compelling financial reasons – see below …

Based on a very unsophisticated level of calculation, we estimate that the minimum financial commitment for a company with no booth at CES but sending three staff, is likely to be in the region of $15-20,000. For the average company operating a booth at CES, we estimate that the minimum layout with be north of $50-60,000. However, for most companies with a decent size booth, the CES budget will be well into 6 figures, and for some, 7 figures. Now, CES brings many people to Las Vegas while the show is open, but how many genuinely good quality conversations will truly take place between exhibitor staff and CES visitors over the four days that the show is open, and in the noisy, hyper-busy atmosphere of the CES show floor? Let’s be super generous, and say 1,000.

So, if we take the bare minimum expenditure for a company with a booth – say $55,000 – that means that each of those contacts or sales leads has cost that company $55. By contrast, let us consider the Incisor.TV viewer (any one of the 30,000), who sits, undistracted, at his own desk, watching our movie once, twice or many times. Each Roundtable participant will be presenting their messages to 30,000+ interested parties (people don’t watch the movies unless they are interested) at a per head cost of $0.13. And those interested parties will carry on watching the movie through the year, and using the links and calls to action we provide to engage with the companies we have presented. Meanwhile, CES and the mega-bucks that every company has committed will vanish into the desert, with zero afterlife.



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  1. Will it be those companies that are ready to disrupt and challenge their existing business models that really create the architecture for the IoT?
  2. Is there a chance that as the IoT evolves, Google and Apple may not be as successful as some of the new, nimbler and fresh-thinking companies that emerge?
  3. Car companies are now saying that the most important selling tool in the car today is not engine size or power, not performance, not reliability, not fuel consumption – it is the dashboard and the systems is contains. How important a part of the IoT is the car?
  4. Observers comment that the car will potentially become a serious weak link in the data security chain, managing as it does so much personal data. Will this be a real challenge for the car companies?
  5. The problem for the roll out of IoT is not a lack of standards. If anything, there are too many. Is now the time for consolidation, and who is likely to drop away?
  6. It is acknowledged that for IoT security, no one organisation can control the process from end to end. You have to look at each stage of the chain and ask – is that secure? Is this loose assembly of security provision stages an acceptable basis for roll-out of the IoT or do there need to be dedicated security and privacy standards and a body to govern them?
  7. We are going to have to go through a period of evolution where IoT devices are developed. Some will succeed, and some will fail. There will be some early adopters that get their fingers burned. Is this an acceptable price?
  8. Could long range, low power wide area networks as promoted by the likes of LoRa, Weightless and SigFox replace the gateway in the home?
  9. Following the merger of the AllSeen Alliance and the Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF), do we believe that protocol-agnostic application layers such as IoTivity and AllJoyn are a good thing?
  10. The cellular operators are looking at the gateway as an access point to deliver secure, trusted services into the home. How influential will the operator play be in development of the IoT?
  11. Should the industry play fast and loose with data? Or should caution be the order of the day, with corporations figuring data use it into their risk management, for fear of potentially paying the penalty – brand and fiscal – for misuse?
  12. Is the best way of looking at IoT interoperability for it to be web-based – using web technologies to drive interoperability?


The Incisor.TV Roundtable programme, which has run two events per year since 2012, continues to grow in reach and effectiveness. Both 2015 Roundtable event movies had more than 32,000 views at the Incisor web site, and the 2016 USA event has had more than 28,000 views in 9 months.

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2016 USA Roundtable Event Movie Views
2017 USA Event Movie Views (7 months)


8th January 2018

Las Vegas, USA

The 2018 Incisor.TV USA IoT Roundtable will take place on Monday, 8th January 2018 alongside CES in Las Vegas, USA. The venue is the Tropicanna Hotel, 3801 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, USA

For the first year, the Roundtable will be staged on the day before CES opens, the aim being to make it easier for attendees to arrange their diaries and to be able to attend all days of CES.


Vince Holton

Editor, Incisor.TV,


Graham Martin

CEO & President, EnOcean Alliance,


Lee Ratliff

Principal Analyst, IoT Connectivity,

Stephen Wood

Executive Director, Intergetic Forum,


David Bean

General Manager, Teledyne LeCroy,


Andor Miles-Board

Marketing and Business Development Manager, NextGen,


Jens Christian Lindoff



Kevin Robinson

VP of Marketing, Wi-Fi Alliance

Previous Participants

EnOcean Alliance
Nordic Semiconductor
Thread Group
Micron Technology
Jaguar Land Rover

Cambridge Wireless
Bluetooth Special Interest Group
Weightless Special Interest Group
Wireless IoT Forum
Cambridge Consultants
ANT+ Alliance
DECT Forum

ULE Alliance
Frontline Test Equipment
TechWeek Europe
IDG Connect
NextGen Technology
Machina Research
Wireless IoT Forum


Typical Roundtable participation includes:

  • Each Roundtable participant will each have one place at the main Roundtable event. The resulting Roundtable movie will be supplied as links or embed code for the client to use for its own purposes.
  • An individual video interview will be filmed with each full participant immediately after the main Roundtable event. The individual video interview gives each participant the opportunity to make sure his or her company’s key messages are delivered and will include participant titling and company logo. Links and/or embed code for individual interviews will be supplied to each participant so that the video can be used by the participant in their own marketing.
  • A short editorial profile of each company will be in Incisor magazine prior to the event.
  • Companies will be listed as participants on the Roundtable landing page
  • Roundtable main movies are promoted in Incisor magazine, at our web site,via our social media networks at Twitter and LinkedIn and normally by co-hosts and each of the participating companies at their own sites. It is this multi-company promotion that gives the event such vast reach.
  • Individual participant moves are promoted in Incisor magazine, at our web site and via our social media networks at Twitter and LinkedIn

For participant pricing at Incisor.TV Roundtable events, please email:


2017 Incisor.TV USA Roundtable

2017 Incisor.TV USA Roundtable – example participant video interview: Wi-Fi Alliance

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